Please note that DTDC Packers And Movers mentioned in this disclaimer refers to a separate and independent organization from DTDC Express Limited. Both entities operate as distinct entities with separate management, operations, and business structures.

No Affiliation: DTDC Packers And Movers is not affiliated with DTDC Express Limited or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies. Any reference to DTDC in this disclaimer solely pertains to DTDC Packers And Movers, and should not be misconstrued as a reference to DTDC Express Limited or its services.

Separate Identity: DTDC Packers And Movers operates as an independent organization and provides relocaton services, including packing, moving, and storage solutions. It does not engage in express courier or logistics services, which are the primary domain of DTDC Express Limited.

Service Scope: DTDC Packers And Movers specializes in offering domestic and international moving services for households, offices, and commercial establishments. Its services cover packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of goods during the relocation process. Please note that these services are distinct from the courier and logistics services provided by DTDC Express Limited.

Legal & Financial Responsibility: DTDC Packers And Movers assumes complete legal and financial responsibility for its own operations, contracts, liabilities, and obligations. It should not be held liable for any disputes, claims, or issues arising from the services or activities of DTDC Express Limited, as they are separate entities with no shared legal or financial obligations.

Contact Information: If you are seeking information, support, or services related to DTDC Packers And Movers, please ensure that you contact their dedicated customer service or reach out to their authorized representatives through the officially provided channels. Contact details provided for DTDC Express Limited may not be applicable or relevant for inquiries or requests regarding DTDC Packers And Movers.

We kindly request all individuals and entities to exercise due diligence and make necessary verifications when dealing with DTDC Packers And Movers. This disclaimer intends to clarify any confusion and prevent misconceptions between DTDC Packers And Movers and DTDC Express Limited.

DTDC Packers And Movers appreciates your understanding and cooperation in recognizing their separate identity and operations from DTDC Express Limited.